15 January 2010

random [7729] watch whos spirit you swallow

Start at the Bottom [#35] and work your way up. You've done this before i am sure

  1. Tantra
  2. Your Pastor not teaching you this stuff? Get a divorce.
  3. HA! The "devil" is the reason for this madness @StarChyld2525
  4. rt @OmoOba59 wonder y u can't stop calling him, cause he's in u. Literally <---YES! see. i aint crazy yall
  5. rt @OmoOba59 I agree. So many ppl don't know how spiritually attached they become to ppl because of those deposits.
  6. Thank you for allowing me to vent. That was something my Spirit told me to tweet.
  7. Somebody swallowed the Unfollow Spirit. And thats fine.
  8. He/She got a bad attitude? You might not want to swallow him/her.
  9. "When Erica got with Ashely she started stealing cars" <---Power of the Poisoned Juices
  10. "Ever since LaTavia got with Jonjon she been acting different. Lyin and stuff all the timme" <--thats cause Jonjon got them Lying Soldiers
  12. Yall be dickmatized by those liquid droppings of spiritual poison.
  13. And straight women. Yall letting these dudes bust nuts in you then wonder why you walking different. It has nothing to do with how he dicked you down. But all to do with that injection of bullshit he just shot up in you
  14. #liespeopletelll
  15. Oh please. We are all grown. We have all swallowed. Even it was on "accident".
  16. "Its the God in Me" Literally
  17. Im done. For now
  18. I need you to be some type of God like for me to swallow you. Or else im upping chuck.
  19. And just cause they pretty, handsome, fine, etc dont mean they spirit is right.
  20. Ever give oral sex and mentally not feel right afterward? Attitude change, having mood swings, ITS TRANSFORMING YOU
  21. Its all spiritual
  22. Be cautious of who you Swallow. Who knows what energy they are carrying.
  23. Why would you want that spirit in you? You don't.
  24. Sucking on someone with tendencies of lying, cheating, stealing. Now Its apart of who you are.
  25. thats why you cant eat/suck everybody up. Once a drop of them goes into you, their spirit is in you. Thats why half of yall are crazy
  26. I think its the fact that its white. Long story bro. Childhood issues @Graffititech
  27. I crack myself up
  28. I have "32 Flavors" by Alana Davis (http://bit.ly/7FoFUd) #pandora
  29. I am a fan of swallowing Protein tho. It's good for my skin. Thats why my complexion is so flawless.
  30. I don't have a gag reflex UNTIL it comes to that. And yogurt?!?! *gags* @osodelio
  31. My Belief is in God. And i am God so my Belief is in Me. @BinLadenMinaj
  32. I am not a fan of: ranch, white gravy, whip cream, sour cream, or anything else that is white with thick consistency


Blogger Da_Kween said...

You're right, Blossom...all of it is spiritual and energetic, even when people are denying it while justifying booty calls. You give up a piece of you...and take a piece of them. If it ain't "made" right...your stomach/soul gonna hurt. Get em baby!!

Blogger E said...

its called a soul-tie, it is a spiritual connection where as stated several times, they get some of you and you get some of them. That's where all those strange urges/desires/habits come from....them other people. Why is it that you seem to find or are drawn to people into the craziness that you are.....like spirits are drawn to one another, "birds of a feather..." I know you've heard that before.....


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