20 April 2010

Two Weeks Later

I feel a lot better than I did when I was admitted.
I have my strength back, I am able to move around more so I can say for now I am pretty happy.
Still having a "okay now what am I going to do with my life" moment. I have been taking photography classes for a few weeks now, I actually started before I went to the hospital. I am really enjoying it, I only get concerned about the future, when it is time for me to shot someone, since the MG has a mind of its own, how do I know when to set an appointment and when not?

I have searched different ways to "conserve energy" and things of that sore, yet I am still a bit nervous. But, I have faith in myself and I will not let this keep me from my dreams.
If you have not seen any of my work yet I have a photo blog and I am also on flickr. The links are below:

Eart Air Fire Water Art <---Photo Blog
Flickr <----------------------Add me!


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