20 April 2010


Many things can exacerbate myasthenic weakness temporarily, including infections (such as a cold, pneumonia, or even a tooth abscess), fever, excessive heat or cold, overexertion, and emotional stress. Here are some everyday tips on how to conserve energy.

■ Don’t stand when you can sit.

■ Plan all activities and eliminate extra steps; assemble all the necessary equipment before beginning. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.

■ Use a cart, wagon, or basket to carry several things from one part of the house to another, eliminating unnecessary trips back and forth.

■ To ease difficulty getting up from a sitting position, try leg extenders to elevate chairs.

■ Try a shoulder pad or intercom phone to completely free your hands when talking on the phone.

■ Avoid hot and cold weather extremes; they exaggerate weakness.

■ Try an electric toothbrush and toothpaste pump to conserve hand strength.

Adapted from www.myasthenia.org


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