16 April 2009

make her beautiful

she came to me that night
as i laid
in the center
of nature
and she cried

he had hit her
hit her for speaking her mind
so his soul
we had to bind

i had her
repeat after me
"By the dragons light,
on this october night,
I call to thee to
give me your might,
by the power of three,
I conjure thee,
to protect all that,
surrounds me,
so mote it be,
so mote it be!!!

and moted it be
to make her beautiful
which really starts
on the inside
this outside
we had to hide
no more pain
and no more strife
and after today
a brand new life

with mother earth
beneath us
and mother moon
above us
we started
to make her over

patchouli incense and
orange candle lit
and disrobing what she felt
was unfit
i anointed her with rose oil
for a full body make over
starting at the
middle of her forehead
her breast bone
and the center of her belly
finishing with each wrist
and behind each knee
passing the mirror thru the
incense smoke
and raised it above her head
for the moon to see

and i chanted::
Wood and Wind, Ember and Mist
Grant your blessed child's wish
Sacred Mother charge this mirror
Let your light make beauty clearer
Wrap it in your gentle glow
So that tis all it ever shows

i lowered the mirror
for her to gaze in
and she visualized the way
she wanted to look

and i chanted::
As a blossom in your glade
Let her beauty never fade.

and as she finished the chant
i allowed the reflection
from the moon light
to shine very bright
on the places that she felt
beauty was needed

and as the clouds
covered the moon
i wrapped the mirror
in a dark cloth
and warned her to
keep it safe
for if IT breaks
then the spell breaks
and her beauty
will have to wait

calming spell

i was feeling a bit uneasy earlier today
however its starting to seem like its more and more everyday that i feel dark

the type of dark that makes me wanna be to myself to keep the innocent protected
we are all pretty powerful and we have to realize that even our thought can be very dangerous

i made me a pot of tea, sat on the floor in the middle of the living room and began to chant
I am peaceful, I am strong
Though dark may seem so long.
For day must follow every night,
Everything is alright.
I am always safe from harm,
The Goddess holds me in her arms.

and for the rest of the day, i was the calmest i had been in days
i loved the feeling