07 December 2009


In traditional Ifa, there is no hell and there is no Satan or devil. Olodumare (God) is the creator of all things and all forces. The breath of Olodumare gives life to all that exists in heaven and earth. The result of Olorun's life-force is balance. It is harmony, equal and opposite potentials in all things, forming what we know as all things in nature, physics, and basic mathematics. Even the smallest definitive particle of matter, the atom, is built of negative and positive forces which have formed in harmony to make one cohesive thing. Disrupting that balance results in destructive energy, causing severe disaster. Such disruption is called “atomic explosion”. Conversely, balanced flow of potential results in productive energy. We see the results of such productive energy in the use of lighting, heating, machines, appliances, and other things. The productive energy is generated by a balanced flow of sub-atomic particles, in which the balance of negative and positive potentials within each atom is maintained.

Each human, as well as each spiritual entity, has negative and positive potentials. Good and evil are the results of using these positive and negative potentials toward productive (good) or destructive (evil) energy. We see the results of productive energy in acts of love, kindness, nurturing, generosity, and helping. In expediting such acts, our potentials remain balanced. The results of our own destructive energy are seen in acts of greed, violence, cruelty, and bigotry, to name a few. In these acts, our potentials are pushed out of balance. We ruin ourselves and hurt others around us. The only evil we can ever face is that evil which we may become if we choose imbalance and destructive energy. We can end up battling our own evil or the evil of others. Regardless, evil is only the result of a choice. It is not something brought on by the guidance (or misguidance) at the hand of some purely malevolent entity.

There is no devil, in this physical world or in the spirit world, to blame for the evils in human history. A purely malevolent entity can not exist, exercising it's destructive energy. When the atomic bomb is used, it's negative and positive potentials are forced out of balance and it's destructive energy destroys the designated target and everything around it. In doing this, the bomb itself, the source of the destructive energy, is also destroyed. Hence, any purley malevolent entity is also not balanced, and would destroy itself. With this knowledge, humans can not continue to disclaim responsibility for their own choices. We can not continue to blame some non-existent demonic entity for the evils committed on earth. We must be responsible people, making our choices wisely, and doing our best to promote human life. We must choose balance over imbalance, good over evil. It is all within our own potential.

© 2005 Awo Ojelola Ifasakin