10 September 2009

Good Morning World

First and Foremost i give Thanks to The Most High
for allowing me to see another day that is and will never be promised to me.
This morning i confess that I am worth loving, I am a wonderful miracle of Life.

I did a search on Unconditional Love and Self Acceptance and found the following:

"Unconditional love is loving without limitations, conditions or reservations. It is based on an attitude of complete acceptance which means you decide to love other people - and yourself too, of course - by being happy with them just as they are, without needing to change them in any way, allowing them to grow, to be all that they want to be for themselves, even if this does not include you or fit with your plans."

Now, after reading this, i realized that thru put our entire life, the thing we desire and yearn for the most would be love, but what is love if we do not love ourselves?

It is nothing.

But, if you can truly love and accept yourself, then your life experience has no limits.

And this is every thing

When we were children, we automatically knew of unconditional love. We were kind of blind, and excepted everything for what it was. But, as we grow our thoughts become conditioned by the world around us. We learn the behaviors that work to survive, we learn whether we are good or bad, what is acceptable and what is not. Deep down don't we all crave this love? Though it often feels lost to us.

We seek and demand love from others
But can we fully give or receive it?

The reality is that if we do not hold this love for ourselves, we will not be able to give it to others or expect others to feel that way about us.

Am i being too hard?
I don't think i am, because if i do not have unconditional love to offer, how can i give it to anyone?

I make myself smile!
Today will be a beautiful day. Today is a beautiful day!

I missed out on meditation this morning. Overslept. Dreams of Green Pastures and Golden Butterflies and Unlimited Bliss are hard to wake from, but i will fit it in soon.

Breakfast has turned into lunch. I think i will treat myself with a cheese pizza today. I've been tasting one for weeks now, and since i have been on my best behavior for the last couple of days, i deserve one.

The Quote of the Day is:
Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished. ~Michael Strassfeld

Love is my new light. I will give it freely even in the midst of anger.
This will help me to become a better me.

My apologies for the lack of blogs yesterday, i was on a totally different planet.
But i will make up for them today.

Time to play