27 April 2009

daily enlightenment

A lifetime is not
what's between the moments of birth and death.

A lifetime is the one moment,
between my in and out breaths.
The present, the here, the now.

That's all the life I get.
I live each moment in full,
in kindness, in peace, without regret,
living from moment to moment.

And thus, I live my whole life in full.

from http://www.buddhanet.net

lesson learned

i recently connected with an ex girlfriend of mine which i think is awesome
most of the time when you connect with an ex theres this dreadful feeling of
"damn why are we talking again" but with her its nothing like that

this ex taught me the importance of loving and being loved and although i was the one who put her thru hell, i learned, and we learned, alot amongst each other

if it wasn't for her i don't think
well i know
i would still be putting very one before me as oppose to putting me first
and of course there are other things learned from her and being able to finally tell her thank you felt great.

no one will ever replace her spot.