22 October 2009


To know what you want to have achieved
by the end of this life,
do some introspection and "retrospection."

What do you want to be on your mind on your deathbed?

Any last wishes?
Why not fulfill them now?

Any last regrets?
Why not resolve them now?

Time is not on our side.
We are running out of it.

Laid Hands On Us Both

i could feel your warm breath on certain spots of my cold body as you whispered
"baby are you ready"

and all i could do was

nod slowly as i held on you your head while you
caressed my things with the tip of your tongue
following the trail to my own personal
underground railroad that only had room for one slave

and that slave

was attached to you

as your
lips wrapped around my pearl
my eyes rolled in the back of my head and
i began to moan negro like-spiritual tones in the key of c -sharp
baby you had me
and indeed you were wading in water
but it was from my own personal river
which you didn't mind being baptized in
cause as soon as you stuck your tongue in
i could hear you praising white jesus in your personal thoughts
and i
i began to yell out for the father, the spirit and the holy ghost
cause the orgasm i felt coming
had most definitely been saved

catching the spirit rather faster than usual
as soon as my body trembled
your tongue was pulled out
and your dick was slammed in
reassuring me that i could take it
you dug
allowing me to feel the fruits of your spirit
as you became the still small voice

entering my mind and heart
only being heard by me
you gifted me stroke by stroke with








meekness and


and right when it was time for
blessings to rain down
it felt as tho God himself had laid hands on us both

the presence was so powerful

so heavy all i could do was lay

and as i dozed off you came in from work and covered me as i slept
for it was all a dream