13 June 2009

"I want to TAKE Your PICTURE"......

is the heading of @ikonikphoto's about page and i'll be damned if it didn't make me want to dial his number. for a session of course because looking through his work made me feel like i was right on set with him. he finished it by saying

That's how most photographers started approaching subjects. I was no different. Something was missing though. My early results didn't have passion. Taking a picture simply wasn't enough.

I soon realized, that the act of opening and closing a shutter, by itself, didn't create an image. that just takes a picture. There are millions of picture-takers. I aspire -- and strive -- to be more. I am an Image-Maker. And that's how I approach new clients. I Want to Create Your Image.

I'm not interested in run-of-the-mill results, shots that leave the viewer indifferent, with no opinion. My goal is to create images that provoke, and inspire strong feeling.

i want to titilate, arouse, captivate, and engage the viewer. I want to expose, bare, and unmask the essence of the subject. it's all part of creating an icon. As i am fond of saying, I want my subjects to be at once loved, envied, hated, and wanted.

Mainstream photographers like The Late Horst P. Horst, Patrick DeMarchellier, SØlve SundsbØ and Annie Liebowitz inspire me, As do edgy imagemakers like the late Bob Carlos Clarke, Didier CarrÉ, and Petter HegrÉ.

didnt that make you feel like he WANTED you in his photo? cause it sure made me feel that way. theres nothing better than finding a photographer who makes you comfortable with yourself as well as [s]he so, while im aware that you really only want to see photos, i will now stop wasting your time lmao

during different times of the year he also has package deals and discounts so check him out!!
or by phone: 646-235-2057 or twitter @ikonikphoto
cause i am =)
until next time
live ,love, laugh, and be happy -ibaO

the [vamp]in[me]

Ikonik Photo/Anthony Armstrong
read about Ikonik Photo in Art Is We

after dozing off
i had awaken with my ass pressed against
the counter top and you

between my legs

and your hands

rested on my thigh

allowing you to be able to
stand steady as you
yourself into me


although i was [unfamiliar] with
my surroundings i was fully aware
of what was going on

and sex with you was becoming
innately dangerous cause i could feel myself being
lifted from plane to plane each
level higher than the last

as you stroked harder i began to feel the
penetration of your teeth softly
break the skin of my neck
and evoke what turned into
violent erotic love making


wrapped my hands around you
and began to dig my nails into your back

not only piercing your soul but
stroking your ego

you held your head back at an angel
good enough for me to see your
fangs protruding


wanted more

pushing us away from the counter and
and we ended up with your back
against the fridge and the chill from
the iron box begin to give you
what seemed like
more power

i could feel you growing inside me
as i straddled you

slowly allowing our passion to become
the beat that we move to

you laid me on the island of the kitchen
and begin to throw out smooth and steady thrust
while massaging my breast

and as my back arched
the lights began to slowly flicker
and i could see her approaching us

sun kissed body dressed in
blood red lingerie
with heels that made her legs look like
those of a stallion
nice and strong

each time i blinked
she was closer to me

and the last time i blinked
she was on top of me

resting on my face
you held her breast

she begin

slowly on my tongue

attempting to hold her balance

i [blinked]
and the role was reversed
on her back
on all fours
making love to me from behind
while i

sipped wine from her glass
allowing our souls to be intertwined

i became her
she became you
you became me

and we
became one

and as we reached our peak
i found myself


in the living room floor

vibrator dead

but body pleased

random #794623 [www dot cum]

i was sitting at the computer desk
trying to get some work done
and i could feel you watching me
wanting me, needing me
so i licked my lips and i heard you
release a light sigh
i smirked and continued to work
like i didn't know what time it was
i found some light jazz and allowed
it to play while i continued working
watching you from my peripheral
stalking me like i was a piece of prey
and you
the king of the jungle
i closed my eyes long enough
for you to sneak up behind me
and begin to inhale my scent
starting at my neck
although you prefer to be
looked at as a strict carnivore
the sweet sent of lavender and mint was
making you want me
right then
and right there

moving slow enough for me to get my work
done you kissed the back of my neck as i typed
pulling your hands around to the front of me
cupping my breast
thumbing my nipples

and although i must admit i was getting wett
i wasn't quite there yet

i tilted my head and allowed you
to kiss the side of my neck
nibbling each inch you kissed
kissing each inch you nibbled

and apparently you got tired of the tease
you turned my chair around and began to
tongue my nipples
like they were golden wrapped
hersheys and you wanted them

you made yourself comfortable
on your knees and slid a finger into my moistness

i grabbed the back of your head
and pulled you back to my breast

i moaned lightly ''please add another one''
and to my surprise, you added too

the only thing i could do was grind
to the music that was playing

and the grinding led you to believe
your fingers ere not enough

you propped my feet up on your shoulders
and began to suck on the hood of my shell

at this time all i could do was
lay back in my chair and grab your head

after playing with the hood you begin to
suck on my pearl releasing every inch of sea water
that was in me

i could feel you
spelling out your favorite river
and right after you crowned the N
you slid me on the floor with you
gently laid me on my back

and began to force your self into me
trying not to run i held on to the legs of the chair
allowing myself to be able to throw it back at you

and the harder i thru
the deeper you forced
knocking on walls that i didn't even know exist

i could feel you in my chest
giving me a second heart beat
and right before i felt my legs give
out you turned me over
and put me on my stomach

holding on to my waist in one hand
and my hair in the other
you rammed yourself inside of me
asking me
and all i could say was
its yours

in the same rhythm of
our bodies clapping together
you asked me again
in a bit more aggressive tone
is it

i before i knew it i could hear myself
echoing off the walls in the room

its your pussy baby

[breathing got shallow]
[body got light]

and i came
we came

then i realized i fell asleep at the damn desk
shit was just a dream