23 November 2009

the long drawn out explanation of the classic scorpio

The Scorpio represents one of the strongest, most intelligent signs of the zodiac. He or she has a deep well of strength that, if tapped into, can produce a powerful ally, or a vindictive enemy. A huge abundance of energy usually makes this person a powerful achiever and go-getter; the Scorpio is not lazy. Though their worst fault is jealousy, in all arenas, they also have the power within to turn this around and DO something about it.

Above all, the Scorpio represents the Phoenix, that ancient symbol of death and resurrection from the ashes of youth, that fire that never dies but merely rises above and continues to change into something else. An argument is not merely an argument to a Scorpio, nor is it a chance to butt heads, but rather an experience of expressing and listening so that both participants can "rise above" and come out in a better position than when they began. This energy of the Scorpio is also frequently seen in sports, and needs to be properly channeled in order to be given full expression.[i would continue highlighting, but that would be me giving you the answer. carry on]

Scorpios have an uncanny ability to get to the root of any problem, and they have a rawness of perception that makes them almost psychic. Their deep, incisive analytical mind makes them natural detectives or spies, and they are frequently workaholics, cramming each work day with hours of productiveness. They are excellent, relentless workers and excel in anything involving the Eighth House: trusts and inheritances, mortuaries, psychology and counseling, and the occult. They are masters at using other people's money to build their own fortunes, and can be extravagantly generous to charities or other worthy causes.

The mystery sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are frequently intriguing, with a truly dynamic and majestic way of going about a problem or situation. This sign is also the sign of death, but manifests itself in the struggle between the soul and the personality. The personality is usually the loser, because the Scorpio's stinger many times stings itself to death. This is where the Phoenix comes in--to resurrect the person to new heights, a new beginning, or a new way of thinking.

Thus, change is constant for a Scorpio, who is involved all the time in death, rebirth and renewal. For the Scorpio, there is no in-between--life is many times a matter of life and death, black and white, devil vs. angel, etc. They don't know the meaning of indifference, and tend to be either your friend or your enemy. There is no shade of gray. Once you've gained the trust of a Scorpio, you've won him forever--unless you hurt him in some way. Then he can become mean, vindictive, and will attempt to get even.

Scorpios have a very strong reserve, and a lot is hidden below the surface. They command respect from acquaintances due to their strong, quiet exterior, and many times work to earn the respect of close ties. They also usually show a lot of creativity, and a great ability for sarcasm with their deadly tongue, which can get them in trouble. This stinger can also, for some, show as a dark side of cruelty, sadism, and enmity. For others, who are more evolved, the stinger helps them transform their lives for the better. They are truly courageous, not afraid of anything. Their endurance makes them plow ahead, overcoming any obstacle in their path.

Though they are considered the "sexiest" sign of the zodiac, Scorpios have gotten a bad rap for being almost sleazy. They simply have strong passions that need regenerating, and a tremendous pride that seems to say, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Scorpios are a master at hiding their emotions. They have a tremendous strength and power when they have managed to rise above their personality and seek power not for themselves, but to heal and bless others. They reach their goals through service, purity, compassion and humility. They have a need to redeem and transform their natures, and to have a happy marriage. Their innate curiosity makes them probe deeply into all things, seeking the meaning behind the surface. They dig out concealed facts, and are one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. A highly evolved Scorpio is psychic, having a rich inner life that is passionate about metaphysics.

On the negative side, Scorpios can be extremely critical, like their allies the Virgos. This can lead to a difficulty with co-workers because of strong judgments of them. Scorpios need to have more stability and steadiness with partners. Their great stubbornness makes them sometimes outsiders, tending to be lone wolves rather than equal partners in relationships.

A Scorpio woman turns heads and grabs attention by her steamy sexuality. She has the power of presence, and a boldness and need for honesty unparalleled in the zodiac. Never, never lie to her, or she'll cut you off. A passionate lover, she can also be jealous or possessive. What she shows on the outside is not necessarily what she's really feeling, unless she's angry. Her rage can explode, with a sarcasm or a piercing look that really stings. Her intuition can be so developed that she borders on the clairvoyant; this can be seen in her eyes. As a mother, she is fiercely devoted and protective, creating a loving and comfortable home for kids.

A Scorpio man is intense, passionate and private. Everything he does is compelling--the way he dresses, his eyes, the way he walks. He radiates sexual energy, is powerful to ignore--even if you don't like him. Often he has some wonderful talent that he pursues passionately, but he may not get any money for it. He may put his energy into music, art, writing, acting, or astrology, or he may put all his energy into his family. He enjoys sports, especially the more violent ones such as football or hunting.

In romance, no other sign brings such raw power or intensity to a relationship. The question is: how will this intensity be manifested? Will it be in a fury or jealousy? Will it be in fiery, unbridled passion? Take a chance and get involved with the mysterious Scorpio. The ever-changing Scorpio is highly compatible with its polar opposite-- the steady bull, or Taurus--but in an argument neither one will give in. Scorpios are also good matches for other Scorpios, as long as they understand each other's intensity and passion. Other water signs, such as Pisces or Cancer, may prove too weak for the intensity of the Scorpio.

In religion, the Scorpio tends to form bonds with organized religions, enjoying ritual and the sense of belonging there. They may also lean to unorthodox belief systems, with a passion and sincerity that is never dishonest. Because Scorpios are ruled by Pluto--the god of the underworld--they can sometimes have a connection with the ethereal, other world of spirit, which is often metaphysical. They have an ability to transform energy, or change impure selfish desires into the gold of purity. They are fascinated by the big issues of death and life, and are attracted to a religion that leaves room for exploring these.

Scorpios tend to have a few, very intense relationships, rather than a coterie of acquaintances. It may be that the Scorpio's stinger alienates some possible friends; it may be that fewer individuals are capable of flying so close to the sun, or so close to the deeper issues, as the Scorpio does. It may also be that few are capable of rising from its own ashes, of changing--for the good or bad--as a Scorpio can. How many can keep up, to view the new person constantly emerging? Yet it is true that those who enjoy watching the Scorpio as it makes people see the hidden, secret meanings of life--as it rises unscathed and transforms those around it--will be most loyal and appreciative friends.

Above all, Scorpios are survivors. Though they are typically very erotic (their sign rules the sex organs), they don't use people but instead help them transcend themselves. You probably won't forget an encounter with a Scorpio.