05 August 2009

bow down to BlackJesus aka @imodel

Nafiys K BlakeWood

If you ever wonder what "Jesus"" would look like, i think i found him.....
Nafiys being a College Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Education, aspiring Actor, Model, Basketball Player and an all around people person, tends to inspire others and helping them strive for the better. You may recognize Nafiys from the hit B.E.T. reality show “College Hill” season 2; which co-stars 7 other Langston University students; in which they share a house for a period of 3months and learn to cope with different peoples background, way of living, and also college life. Thereon from TV to the runway, Modeling became the next move and it leads him into fashions in Oklahoma and New Jersey. Nafiys started out with 3 Fashion Shows which gave him insight about the ins and outs of modeling, therefore deciding he wanted to endure into the captivating world of Modeling. A highlight of Nafiys’s career was modeling in an upscale fashion show sponsored by the honorable “Nostic Clothing Company/Party Girl Entertainment”. The fashion show became such an outstanding event for him, photographers started to contact Nafiys; where he started building up a profound portfolio. Till this day, Nafiys is taking new photos to add to his portfolio taken by amazing photographers. Not only into the world of Fashion, has Nafiys also enjoyed the exquisite sounds of the music entertainment. On his spare time between working and finding modeling gigs, Nafiys will sit and write rhymes about his ongoing struggles with life, and what he’s been through the past years. This smart young man understands the hard effort and perseverance you must have in your essence, to be able to proceed within accomplishing all your goals. Nafiys quotes “you have to feel limitless to be Armstrong to leave a long lasting impression on the soil”. Nafiys believes that dreams are possessions you shouldn’t steer away from, because the outcome can become what you never expected it to be. You can find Nafiys at his local community’s Boys and Girls Club, volunteering; helping the young kids of the new generation instilling positive ways they can better themselves, and become successful in life. "iModel"