27 December 2009

The Four Agreements :

Agreement One:
Be impeccable with your word

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
• Describe what it means to be impeccable with your word
• Practice being impeccable with your word
To be impeccable with your word means to:
Speak with integrity
Say only what you mean
Avoid using words to speak against yourself
Avoid using words to speak against others
Use the power of your word for truth and encouragement
Our ability to use words sets us apart as humans, but this ability is also a two-edged sword. Words
can create and words can destroy. When we misuse our words, we can create major problems, but
using our words impeccably heals and empowers others.
Not only does gossip destroy others, but it is also produces conflict and creates drama. Gossip works
like a computer virus. Once it is introduced, your thoughts become mixed up and you stop
producing good results. With gossip, one little piece of information can break down other
communication. Gossip infects everyone it touches. With a computer virus, we have safety
precautions that tell us “Don’t open this file” because once you do, it’s too late. When we gossip, we
act like hackers who intentionally spread a virus to destroy how others think and to cause drama.
Keep in mind that your opinion is just your point of view and not necessarily true. Remember, your
opinion comes from your own dream world, your own beliefs and “rules.” When you speak well of
people and yourself, and when you stop yourself from demanding everyone live by your rules, you
feel good and at peace with yourself. Use your words to speak truth and to encourage yourself and

The Telephone Line
Sit in a circle and have one person start a “rumor” by whispering a one sentence statement to the
person to his or her left. The statement should be something that is simple like, “Did you know that
Lance Armstrong recently won his sixth Tour de France?” Once you whisper the statement to the
next person you cannot repeat the statement. Send the statement around the circle one person at a
time and have the last person say what they heard out loud.
Questions for discussion:
• Did the statement change?
• If the statement changed, how could confusion have been avoided?
• What would you have done to make sure you understood the statement?

Message of The Day

Life is unpredictable - prepare your mind now for the unexpected. Remain receptive to other peoples moods so that you can attend to what you wish to produce. Look deeper into the situations that surround you so that you can fully understand them. See if the actions and behavior of others are aligned with the thoughts and ideas that they are expressing.

Prepare your mind for vibrations that could demand quick decisions causing you to act immediately. Trust and believe that all change will eventually be more beneficial. Believe in your mastery of practical thinking and your commitment to quality and excellence. You have detached yourself from a situation which requires more force. You are "limiting" your viewpoint - having become obsessed with your problems and your inability to do anything about them. You require strength, courage and optimism now - expand your mind and exercise it. Renew your perception and revitalize your mind.

An extreme distortion of characteristics...overly curious or apathetic - mental stagnation or rambling inefficiency with too much going on. Generating too many ideas with no follow-through. Inefficient communication.

Questions to Answer: What do you have to say? What fears must you face? What of significance have you just learned through the media? Who is trying to communicate with you?