12 August 2009


its funny how i continue to use you despite your detrimental effects

although you make my behavior compulsive i still, crave you

my skin is physically dependent upon you, i need you

my thoughts are psychologically dependent upon you, i yearn you.

the scent of your air sends me into automatic relapse i...

can't imagine

a day without a dose of you

just one taste of you, makes me feel like i'm sitting next to god, yes, just that high

can you hear the angels singing...


Rappers and Slaves

It's true that all popular music tends to revolve around the same themes--love, heartache, jealousy, pride. And all popular music tends to also explore themes or experiences common to everyone's life--death, money, joy, violence, playfulness, melancholy, sexuality. But African American musicians have had to make their music under an unusual set of circumstances.

African Americans combined their various African traditions with European musical forms to produce a distinctive, vibrant musical style. Early on, as early as the American revolution, white audiences recognized the distinctive qualities of African American music, and began to imitate it.

The most disturbing form of this imitation developed in the 1830s, in what became known as the "minstrel show." In the minstrel shows white men dressed up as plantation slaves. Faces "blacked" with greasepaint, they imitated African American musical and dance forms, combining savage parody of black Americans with genuine fondness for, and interest in, African American culture.

Minstral image

As you can see, the images of minstrels were buffoonish and insulting. But the music they sang, while most often written by whites, drew directly on melodies African Americans sang. In this way, African American music first entered into popular culture. Most of the classic American songs of the 19th century, including Camptown Races, My Old Kentucky Home, Way down upon the Swanee River, Dixie, and virtually all songs by Stephen Foster, were written for the minstrel show. By the Civil War the minstrel show had become world famous and respectable.

The minstrel show usually made black Americans into grotesques. But it's also clear that white Americans, then as now, were strongly drawn towards the creativity and vibrancy of black culture. The minstrel show allowed them to play out fantasies that ordinary life forbid, but it also created a vast audience for African American culture--an audience willing to pay for songs and performances. By the 1890s there were many African American minstrel performers, all of whom had to "black up" to make money. Not only did they wear the minstrel's black greasepaint, they also had to sing songs and act in ways that conformed to white people's prejudices. These two sites offer more information on the minstrel show before the Civil War.

Blackface minstrel shows continued well into the twentieth century. The first "talking picture" the Al Jolson film The Jazz Singer (1927) was a blackface film, and major white entertainers like judy garland, Mickey Rooney and Bing Crosby all performed in blackface. At first, actual African Americans were not allowed on the minstrel stage. But by the end of the nineteenth century, as the minstrel show became more respectable, African Americans began performing "in blackface" as well. In the 1890s, some of the most important African American composers got their start performing minstrel songs.

The bizarre minstrel show might be easier to understand in modern terms. Think of white rappers like Eminem, or white rock musicians who play blues-derived music. There are many white people who love African American music but don't particularly like African Americans. When they imitate black musicians, are they expressing admiration, or are they just stealing? Are they sincerely trying to come to some understanding of cultural difference, or are they just engaging in minstrel parody without the make up?

Consider also that the largest audience for rap and hiphop music today is white, just as, in 1890, the largest audience for sheet music and music performance was white. MTV, when it shows music videos at all, tends to show rap, especially hard edged rap that features an emphasis on violence, hostility to women and flashy materialism. Record companies, theaters, and stores—the distribution system that publicizes music and gets it to the buyer's hands—are still overwhelmingly owned and controlled by whites. Many critics have pointed out a similarity between the minstrel show of the 1890s and the rap music of the 1990s and now the 2000s

[original writer Michael O'Malley, Associate Professor of History and Art History, George Mason University titled A Bad Rap]

Self Love=Healthy Relationships

Self-love is also the key to manifesting the kind of intimate loving experiences that you have always desired. The more love you give yourself, the more others naturally have a deep love for you. When you are filled with self-love, you become so attractive to others that they want to spend time around you, and commit to being in a loving relationship with you. The more you love yourself deeply and completely, the more you attract into your life people who mirror this high level of self-love, and can be in a truly healthy intimate relationship with you!

Based on the laws of attraction, the only way to manifest a deeply loving and beautiful relationship to yourself is to have an equally loving and profound relationship with yourself. So if you start sending yourself higher vibrational messages in the form of, ?I am lovable, I am deeply appreciated, I am attractive and desired?, then you effortlessly manifest partners that will affirm these positive messages that you have been affirming to yourself.

The inner self is where ALL love stems from and is found. Love increases your ability to relax deeply inside, eliminating those stuck, energetic blocks in your body that stop you from manifesting. To be able to accept yourself exactly as you are, for the pure pleasure of it, is one of the greatest experiences there is. A life without self-love is often missing deep connecting relationships. After you establish an authentic loving connection with yourself, you become like rich, fertile soil for sowing the relationship of your dreams. With self-love, the other has something rich and inviting to dive into!

Turning up your self loving vibrations will make you a consistently happier person and support you in manifesting a life that you truly love! You will naturally create positive healthy heart-opening relationships with everyone you want to connect with. The more you can genuinely let in the love, joy and gratitude inside you, the easier it becomes to receive your greatest dreams! Experience the power of Self-love today and see for yourself!


Self Love=Body Healing

Self-love will literally create physical healing in the body. The more loving energy you send towards yourself, the healthier you will be and the more energy you will have. The vibration of love has also been scientifically proven to alter the shape and structure of physical molecules. According to current scientific studies done on water, molecules in our body are directly effected by the words, sounds and thoughts they are exposed to.

These microscopic photographs (below) are of actual water molecules at near freezing temperatures that have been exposed to hateful and loving thoughts and feelings. You can see that thoughts have a powerful, clear and crystal-like effect on water molecules when are exposed to loving words (right). Whereas, water exposed to unloving words has imperfect and harsher looking unclear patterns (left).

I hate you

I love you

Since your physical body is made up of more than 70% water, it is continuously impacted by vibrations of negative or positive words you send into it. Our Self Loving meditation will create amazing shifts in your physical body on a molecular level. It will send loving thoughts and feeling into every cell throughout your entire body, you will feel much more healing, love, joy and connection with others than ever before!


Self Love [is in you] Manifest the Power

The Self Love Meditation to Merge with your Divine Essence will increase your natural manifesting powers so that you can easily and effortlessly RECEIVE those desires you previously did not feel worthy of in the physical world. Loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are is key to consciously attracting more abundance into your life.

Love is the most powerful vibration in the Universe! When you start completely and utterly loving and accepting all aspects of yourself, you send out a strong energetic vibration of love to the Universe.

Everybody and everything around you is impacted by this strong loving vibration. Love literally vibrates at a higher frequency than lower vibrational energy states such as fear, greed, lack or anger. Therefore, increased levels of self-love will naturally shift the vibration of your mind-boy, allowing you to attract and manifest amazing experiences, relationships, and opportunities into your life!


Self Love=Better Life

Having unstoppable love towards your self is the foundation to a truly enlightened life. Loving yourself is the answer to your life?s greatest challenges and problems. Self-love is the most powerful healing energy in this Universe and is what sets your soul radically free. By practicing self-love daily, you create a solid foundation which naturally allows you to embrace any experience that comes your way.

This meditation will give you the tools to experience a profound deep love for who you truly are. It will allow you to practice loving yourself so that throughout your day you can fully integrate love into every aspect of your life. This type of self love is one that goes beyond the ego, and truly heals every wound that you have. You become the master of your life when every unlovable part inside you feels loved. Remaining in self love is the greatest achievement of life. All outer success you manifest springs forth from a strong core of self-love. This is the deepest and most profound work you are here to do.

When you create a relationship with yourself that is always loving, compassionate, and forgiving, you discover an amazing thing: A direct connection with the Infinite Source of existence that appears to flow through the very core of your being. You feel like you are on an endless, satisfying journey where you experience deep love for yourself, and for all other beings in your world.