14 September 2009


this insert is for mature audiences

just another warning to let you know you have to have certain self love understanding to read this one

dad if you're reading this....just leave. there is nothing to see here

don't judge me

i'm only human

here goes

i was reading a website that i just "so happened" to come across the other night *side eye* titled the-clitoris.com, it is everything you ever wanted to know about the Clitoris and Female Sexuality.An educational website for all ages. Learn about anatomy, sexual function, and more. And i did just that. i "learned". some things i already knew, some things i didn't, and even some things i had questions about. There is one page on the site that list the different types of Masturbation Techniques. Yes. Techniques. Some amazed me, some i could relate to, some were just like what the bloody fuck...but to each is on. here are a few i found interesting:

"I use my third finger, moistened, to stroke and rub on and around my clitoris. My other hand pulls back the lips, keeping a gentle tension on the clitoral area. I alternate the rapid clitoral rubbing with a slower rub of the vaginal entrance. (Actually, 'rub' is hardly the right word, since it is a very light touch until just before orgasm, by which time I am very wet.) My legs are wide apart, my knees up-not much torso motion until orgasm, when there are strong spasms in my torso and pelvis"

"I masturbate with one hand only - mostly around the head of my clitoris, then gradually switching onto the head - always with a rubbing, back and forth motion. My other hand helps to hold the skin so firm contact can be gained. I alternately have my legs together and apart."

"I lie on my back with my legs together tightly. I use my left hand to pull the top of my genitals tight and apart so I can use my right hand to stroke my clitoris. I use a circular motion starting slow with a light pressure, and then increase the pressure until I start to come. The I slow down according to the sensation I wish until the orgasm is completed. If I want to come again I start over."

"I masturbate with an electric toothbrush. I put a dampened washcloth over the toothbrush and lubricate my clitoris with lotion. I lie on my back with my legs spread. With my left hand, I spread the labia to expose the clitoris, and I hold the vibrator with my right hand and gently press it on my clitoris. Sometimes I move it up and down, sometimes I leave it in one spot, depending on what feels good. But I never really get excited until I start fantasizing. I do not move my hips. The action is all with the hand/vibrator and my clitoris."

"I use my fingers only. My left hand holds the outer lips of my vagina open, and my right forefinger and second finger rubs the right side of my clitoris. Sometimes I rub up and down, but usually I rub in slow circular motions. My legs are closed, strained and straight out. Sometimes I will do this lying on my stomach, but not usually. It's a lot harder - I usually do that after I've masturbated a few times and I'm still frustrated. I don't move very much, in contrast with having orgasm with a partner, and I also make much less noise."

Now with in reading about what others did, i felt the need to share my own expeience.
But again i say. DO NOT JUDGE ME. It's not that crucial. And if it was, you wouldn't be reading.

I do not plan a certain "special time" believe it or not my sex drive isn't all it's cracked up to be so i have to really be in need to even want to cum.
I do prefer to be nude, don't want to mess up any clothes and i like freedom, space, no restraints.
Not big on toys unless it is a clit stimulator which i love because penetration is not a big deal to me, most of the times, i just want some head *smile*

This one particular time i was in so much of a mood, it was the middle of the day and i was alone.


Any who i laid in bed and began to rub myself. The more i rubbed the hotter and the wetter i got, i had this small massage like thing on my night stand, really used for muscle pains, but i used it for other things. Apparently i had a muscle that needed to relax.

I spread my legs [one laying on the bed the other propped up] and sat the vibrating part on my clit.
My first reaction was "God why can't you make a tongue like this"
My second reaction "Damn i can't be about to cum already"
And before i knew it my eyes were in the back of my head, felt like i was possessed, and i came harder than i had <> came in a while. And the trip part about it is, i didn't just cum this hard once or twice, but a good five times in a row. And by the time i was down my clit was so sensitive, even closing my legs made my body jump.
It was a wonderful experience.
*day dreaming*

Women do not have orgasms every time they have sex, so when we do finally get it, it is something to brag about.
While it is extremely untrue, the majority of people believe women are less sexual than men. We are led to believe women think about sex and desire sex much less often than men. Society frequently creates outcasts of women who are openly sexual. This results in women believing they should not have strong sexual feelings and desires. Unfortunately, many women are ashamed to admit they have a strong sex drive, that they become "horny." This results in women introverting and denying their own sexual feelings and desires. While a woman's desire for sex may change with time, as the result of hormonal influences, they are just as sexual as men. If a woman accepts that she is as equally sexual as a man she is more likely to feel comfortable with her desire to masturbate and the frequency at which she does.

Masturbation is the first and most import sexual skill a girl or woman should learn, as it frequently holds the key to enjoying other forms of sexual activity. Ideally, this skill is learned prior to puberty but far too often it is not learned until a women is in her late teens, early twenties, or later. The reason it should be learned, or at least known about, prior to puberty is so teens have a constructive means of addressing their developing sex drive. It also increases their awareness of their ever-changing body, and provides some sense of control over it. If a teen knows how to masturbate she is less likely to be compelled to seek out a sexual partner before she is emotionally and physically ready; while girls start menstruating between the ages of ten and fourteen their body is not truly prepared for pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing until late in their teens. Masturbation provides young women with an option other than sexual frustration or sex with a partner.

Learning to masturbate to orgasm at an early age is often easier than later in life when we have learned social mores and expectations that frequently create barriers to sexual pleasure and orgasm. As we get older and become educated we tend to think about things too much. It is often better to learn to masturbate and potentially experience orgasm prior to knowing what you are doing and how others view those activities. Things teens and women have learned and experienced may cause orgasmic impairment. When masturbation is learned early in life girls often continue to even if they feel guilty or fear being punished, because of the pleasure and relaxation it brings them. Innocence and naivety does have its benefits.

Don't be afraid of your body.
I'm not