04 November 2009

butterfly kisses

i had a dream that i was being slightly caressed by the wings of butterflies from the arch of my back to the rim of my ass and back up towards my spine i felt the wings of that butterfly flutter around my shoulder blade and inch up to my neck only to open my eyes and realize

those soft dancing wings were attached to your face;
known to the world as lips
but known to my body as a piece of heaven
and for a moment time froze as you focused on my neck area
tasting the salt of my skin like it was the greatest creation ever made
to man and i savored every moment as you trailed your tongue down my back
leaving breadcrumb-like kisses just in case you get lost and
right when you got near my waist
you slowly nibbled
turned me over
and began to
what felt like
a piece of my soul.
literally sucking me dry.
i could feel you becoming indulged
in my spirit making it apart of who you are.
tongue flickers and finger pokes started to slowly
take my body into convulsion like spasms, making my
eyes roll back into the top of my head, making me yell out
the name of God in four or five different languages.

and right before i got to the thank you jesus and hallelujahs

i felt you plunge deep in to me.

slowly stroking

curving your body

knocking each wall lightly


caressed my g spot
as tho you had been friends for years

you stroked





you went in

slightly pulled out

tip of the head went in

slowly pulled out

there was a hard dive in

and then you slowly pulled out

you arched your back

you arched your back

and then you slowly pulled out

there was a hard dive in

there was a harder dive in

this was the hardest dive in

i could feel you in my stomach

letting out the spirit that you sucked out of me

we became one

high enough to fly away

i had a dream that i was being slightly caressed by the wings of butterflies

my how i love those butterfly kisses

This Week In Black Beauty

Caption: Dark side of moi
Location: Austin, Texas
Copyright: © Gerry Hanan www.hananexposures.com
Uploaded: May 28, 2007
Credits: Gerry Hanan (Photographer)
Khady (Model)

Caption: group
Location: Adrian Pini Studio
Copyright: Nocopphoto
Uploaded: Sep 01, 2008
Credits: portfolio > Nocopphoto Reflex's Photos

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Caption: The Colors of East Africa
Location: Hide House, Milwaukee
Copyright: Matt Conrads
Uploaded: Oct 15, 2007
Credits: Kimberly Steward (Makeup Artist)
MPENZI (Model)

Caption: Get ready!
Location: NY, NY
Copyright: jewelry by J. JEWELS COLLECTION/Photo by Ezra Mabengeza
Uploaded: Sep 06, 2007
Credits: Profile > portfolio > J Jewels's Photos

Today is good for

cleansing our soul and body, as well as our thoughts, practice of restraint and humility, humbleness and dedication, clear consciousness, forgiveness. It will be a beautyfull day for creative and hardworking individuals, that are free from pride. Try burning a few incense and candles to cleanse the negative energy. And most importantly, have a Great Day!