01 December 2009

If I Could Write You

If i could write you and share you with the world,
i would start out by explaining how
when i am in your presence,
time stands still.
so still that i can,
touch the wind with my finger tips and
kiss wings of butterflies while they are mid air.

scratch that

If i could write you as a poem for them to read,
i would,
paint the picture of that secret garden found in all the fairy tale.
where i am
able to escape all of my sad memories
and make new happy ones that only exist of
your eyes, your smile, and your scent.

If i could write you,
it would be similar to wishing on stars,
dandelion fluff,
lingering eyelashes
or even
that wish right before i throw my penny into the well.
It's priceless.
Priceless because it has come true.

If i could write you,
i would illustrate picnicking on a summers day,
by a river, with out favorite song playing
as we lay on our favorite blanket reminiscing on our favorite past time together
yes. I would write this.

And i would continue to write you by
giving a line by line description of
the intoxicating scent,
clean fragrance.
in lavish bouquets,
in shy woodland sprays,
growing wild in meadows and gardens...
dried and pressed into the scrapbook i made for us
...worn like a crown in my nappy fro as a
reminder that no matter where i am
you are always there with me

If i could write you,
i would make it clear to the world how you are like
an old windmill next to the lighthouse,
swings made of wood and rope
second hand shops
watching the sunset
licking snowflakes
and even like dancing in the rain

your perfectly imperfect

i take all of this back.

If i could write you....

i would not write you at all.
I would not want to share you with anyone.
I would keep you as my beautiful secret

i wouldn't even write you in my journal because i would not like to share this feeling with anyone.

Its only between my heart and my soul.
If i could write you
I wouldn't.