02 June 2009

xirclebox the nerdy jock

in high school did you ever wonder if jocks had a brain? well dammit wait no longer cause i found one for you.
[drumroll please]
i bring to you
the Freelance Web Designer & Flash Developer. did i steal his bio? you can bet your last dollar i did. [no i don't steal often, but if anyone can talk good about you, its you]

"If you were to dive down to a mysterious sunken vessel off the coast of an island that doesn’t exist, you’ll find me there. I approach life looking into the depths of the unknown seeking out that pure energy that makes us who we are. The indigo blue depths that spawn new ideals and bring forth an abstract awareness, with each breath, I live here.

When I’m not off getting wet, I build multimedia websites for various companies and help them manage their brands. Creative work is my mistress, my vice, my blessing. The deep hours of the night are full of creative thoughts that I swim through like the vessels on the oceans floor."

now if that didn't make you feel some kind of way, you need to read it again. cause it damn sure made me want to throw my panties at the screen. i kid i kid.
i've been watching mr.box for sometime now. he was one of the first victims on my twitter ''stalk me'' list. he's good at giving out valuable info about CSS Gradient Tool; Building the Apple Navigation Bar [what ever the hell that is] and even making his self get back to work "aiight back to wrk. this actionscript wont write itself"

his resume includes 14 and 15 years of photoshop and html, a Major in Clinical Psychology and a
Minor in Japanese and Computer Science (Multimedia Design) [told you he was a smart ass] as well as an unlimited amount of work he is doing.

color palettes:



he does it all. so let this be a lesson to you all: DON'T SLEEP ON THE JOCKS [well, their brains anyway]
follow him on twitter
@xirclebox or go to his site, duh CLICK----->XIRCLEBOX<-----HERE

until next time
live, love, laugh, and be happy -ibaO