18 June 2009

w r a p p e d

i laid there
body still moist
from my shower
wrapped in the sheets
listening to the rain fall
thunder clap
and all i could think about
was you

i remember closing my eyes
picturing your face
the outline of your body

then i softly chanted your name
asking you to come to me
and take care of my every need

before i could get
your name out the last time

you were crawling up behind me
you kissed the back of my leg
the right side of my cheek
the top of my ass
the arch of my back
licking what little water was left on my spine
and then you kissed my neck
tenderly nibbling on my ear lobe

it felt so good

i didn't even want to ruin the moment

so i laid there
and trusted you

you grabbed my breast with one hand
pulled my body up with the other
at an angle high enough for you to taste me
you stuck your tongue in me
and fed off of me like you hadn't eaten in days

you turned on your back and put your hands on
my hips guiding my riding of your face


but it was now my turn to taste you

i climbed down
kissed your forehead
your lips
your chest
your stomach
and eventually i made my way to
your temple
slowly allowing my warm mouth to
caress your chilled body
allowing you to feel the vibration
of my tone

you taste so good
your an after taste i could hold on to forever

i could feel your body shiver

and right as i tasted
what could have been a nut
i stopped
and pulled you on top of me
so i could feel you release
you could feel me
and we

could feel each other

you stroked me
slow and deep
caressing my walls
hitting them differently
each time
allowing your hook
to catch my bait

you looked
in my eyes
as you went deeper

wanting me to know
this was not just a fuck
but that you were passionate
about what you were doing

i pulled your
face to mine so that
i may taste
you may taste
we may taste

as your locs fell in my face
and you got closer to my mouth
the closer i got to cumming
cause i could now feel all of you

i put my arms around you as you pumped harder

i put my legs around you as you plunged deeper

a tear fell as you injected your soul into me

a moan was let out as we

as we




we as

we as out let was moan a

as we came


you laid on my chest reluctant to pull out
as we listened to the rain

i closed my eyes

just to open them and find out i was alone
rain falling
and body wrapped

completely carried a w a y


carried away

inordinate passion for you
subdued in reality
yet turbulent with in dreams

psychologically dependent upon
the regular use of you

this itch

giving me
unrealistic expectations
of blissful passion

there is now
an immediate craving
from the short lived high
that your spirit gives me

more and more each hour
i now
need you
leading to prolonged,
multi-dose binge use.
i now
crash with out you

sending me into an
restless mood
exhaustion until
sleep is achieved

i now
want more of you

and the yearning is
burning so deeply
i now have an
intense craving
developing rather quickly
into an addiction
for you

you is now my

and the more
i get to know you
the closer my
feels to being

the thought of your
sends me into
an orgasmic state

the thought of your
makes me feel like
im closer to God

the thought of your
makes me feel like
im having a sip
of the finest wine

the thought of you
makes me
love the moon
even more

the thought of you
touching me
makes want to
die now
so i can die happy

im completely
carried away

drink from my fountain

drink from my fountain

allow me
to help you

a subconscious transformation

purifying the fertilization of reflection


meditate on making an
impression on the world

observing imaginations of all
considering speculations of some

drink from my fountain

allow me to renew
whatever intuitoin is amongst you

being inspiration of
your discernment

allow me to bless you

allow me to move thru you

allow me to grant everlasting life

drink from my fountain