04 June 2009


found in one of those annoying ass follow friday list, was Math Hue Matics [another soul as obsessed with numbers as i am]

he's bio was as interesting as the shirt and bag im ordering

Math received a BFA in Advertising & Graphic Design from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2005. Born in Columbus, OH, Math worked as a graphic designer for WOSU Public Media for 2 years and OxyVinyls in Louisville, KY for 1 year and is the sole proprietary owner of Design And Reason Communications LLC. An MFA recipient and a former graduate teaching assistant in The Ohio State University's Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design, his research emphasis is on the development of visual way finding information presented on handheld devices. Math's past and present clients include such companies as Lutron Electronics, Inc., the Nigerian Government (Foundations of Contemporary African Art textbook design), OSU's African American Alumni Society, The Organization of Black Designers, and many others.

Design And Reason Communications is a full-service design consultancy specializing in user-centered research for the development and implementation of products, graphics, interiors, way finding, and interfaces.

so while your sitting around trying to be the next big rapper, math is writing books for other countries. get your aspirations up people. its time to take over!!
www.DesignAndReason.com The Science of Conveying Visual Messages.
follow him on twitter @mtstanford

until next time
live, love, laugh and be happy -ibaO

pick your poison

talk about an outfit that makes you feel sexy.
these would be a few

Dream Guidance

Use your Dream catcher to take your dreams in a different direction. Good or bad.

Place your dream catcher on a table/alter of some sort. Place the red candle on the left side of the dream catcher, and your white on the right. Light them.

Speak: "I am now using the power in me. Dream catcher gives me my (good or bad) dreams."

If you choose to desire good dreams then send the negative energy into the red candle. Let the positive energy flow from the white candle into the dream catcher.

(If you seek bad dreams then reverse the candle's energy transference)

When done, hangs your dream catcher above your bed (or couch or whatever you sleep on). It will harvest, and rid your dreams.

[via GreyMagic]