27 August 2009

crown chakra meditation

Your current aim as you start to meditate is to learn how to slow the physical vibration or frequency deep within your body. Many people do not realise that their chakra centres are far too exposed, and they are accepting or collecting vibrational patterns in conflict, these vibrations are both high and low. So often times these patterns are disorganised and untidy, and so frequently the seven layers of the physical emotional intellectual astral etheric celestial and the ketheric are abnormally increased, especially in intensity for their physical parallel. Therefore, the outcome is that they lure slow frequency forces, energy if you will that remain within their personal sphere. If you hurl yourself headlong into meditation, you will speed the whole process up. Directly rendering special stress on your organs that are too slow to cope. This then places too much stress on the chakras already in a place of conflict, which then raises the internal discord of your body. By slowing your physical vibration to a slow-paced more natural frequency than you typically use, you ease the tension and pressure that you put on your muscles.

Anxiety stops being manufactured by your biochemical processes, so you relieve the burden of any stress or mental suffering. You can now get rid of the dark sultry energy forces right away that hang on in the various chakra centres of your body. Therefore, staying within your auric field as a whole, and removing the subliminal fragments of the act of thought interference from your auric space.

Slowing your frequency or vibration?

When you start to slow your vibration, you need to sit with your back in alignment, so that your weight is balanced centrally. In order for your chakra centres to be well aligned you, need to settle any issues of bad posture.

Focusing on your breathing

Focus on you're breathing; starting with inhaling and exhaling in a balanced rhythm. It doesn't matter if you inhale for a beat of three and exhale for a beat of three, or you inhale for beat of five and exhale for a beat of five. It all depends on your own lung capacity, and what makes you pleasurably comfortable when you to breathe in a balanced rhythm. One of the most important factors now is to achieve an awareness and appreciation of a balanced breathing rhythm. Use your visualisation technique to take your awareness, all the way down to your base chakra, slowing your vibration down even further.

Now transfer yourself into the main part of this meditation exercise your vibration will intuitively arise again. Only now, your chakra centres are resonating in harmony, instead of being in discord.

In place of one individual chakra taking up all the slack for the idle one's you now have a team effort.

Breathing rhythmically should become natural to you, to slow your vibration at the beginning of all the principle meditations.

Drawing down the white Light

The stronger your visualisation the greater the significance when you bring down white light. Now start by visualising white light that courses freely like a liquid down through each of the seven main chakra centres mentioned below: The Chakra's are the centre of spiritual power in body, they are the vibrational centres of our bodies.
  • The Crown Chakra: This is the ketheric layer
  • The Brow Chakra: The "Third Eye" is the celestial layer.
  • The Throat Chakra: This is the etheric layer.
  • The Heart Chakra: This is the astral layer.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the mental or intellectual layer.
  • The Spleen Chakra: This is the emotional layer.
  • The Root Chakra: This is the physical layer
Now that you've found a cosy position and now that you've found you're natural balanced breathing rhythm, and you're slowing down your vibration. You can now visualise the white light flowing down like a mountain waterfall through your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is the highest vibrational point within your body. White light should always be brought into your body through your crown chakra.