02 September 2009


1. Before our world can change, we have to change. Before we can change, we have to do something different. And before we can do something different, we have to learn something different. What we have to learn is EVERYTHING IS AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE. So, accept it. At first, you may not like it, but by accepting it you can develop discipline, patience, and your threshold for tolerance. As you change your attitude by accepting what was meant to be, you eventually will arrive at a higher level, where you rejoice in everything that is; after all, everything is here for your own good. Start, then, by understanding these simple principles of life. But remember, knowledge has little value as information; its power lies in transformation. Use it to change.

2. Focus on whatever is troubling you. Don't try to run from it or hide from it. Allow yourself to feel it in its full intensity, for change is what happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go.

3. Ask yourself, "Can I let go of this feeling?" Realize that you are not your feelings and they are not holding on to you. It is the other way round; you are clinging to them.

4. Now ask yourself, "Am I willing to make the decision to let it go?"

5. Then ask, "When will I let go?"

6. Practice this visualization technique. Imagine that the troublesome emotion is squirming, writhing, and twisting in your hands. Feel it slithering in your hands and see yourself releasing it. Drop it. Let it go. Watch it fade away into the distance.

7. Repeat the above steps as often as needed.