17 November 2009

Twitter Revelations II:

i suppose when making spiritual transitions you begin to see things that you were blind to in the beginning.

Spirituality has a lot to do with the deepest experiences of our existence.

I read Often we are not aware of the spiritual depth w/i us and the divine breath that sustains and invites us toward wholeness in our lives

In our spiritual life, we are involved directly with that God as oppose to following the sheep herder who is "leading" his ppl towards God

Transitions are the changes we encounter due to the natural rhythms of life,
as well as those unexpected changes we inevitably must embrace because of our humanity.

We are all called to change and to grow up into God's image.

When combining Spiritual Life Transitions you find that these are essential pieces of our experience of humanity coming into wholeness.

And since God is in you, in me, in Us, then we are growing into the image we feel is perfect enough for us. Right?

Silly me, nothing is perfect. Everything has flaws, but the most perfect thing is admitting how perfectly imperfect you are.
But once i learned the difference between Religion and Spirituality it was easier for me to stand on my own two feet and not his.

I do not need anyone to teach me that God loves me, all i have to do is listen and he will tell me.