14 November 2009

Twitter Revelations:

Oshun 3:5

I just cut my finger open on Eshu's cat food lid. I didn't feel any pain, but i did watch the "pain" leak from my body. I felt like i lost a piece of my soul. I do not miss draining my pains. And that was a slight reminder. When i used to cut myself,i was wishing my soul would leave because i was in such a damaged state.And now that i know my worth, now that i love myself, now that i realize i am one of gods most valuable amenities, i keep my soul in a bottle, tightly capped.
I now realize, every time i cut myself, i was letting out small pieces of God. Seeing as how God is with in me

In my eyes i am perfect because i am forever learning, forever healing, and i never give up.

Do not confuse my Trials and Tribulations as me spreading my business. Im spreading Hope in Healing. My story will save more than a few.

You never know the affect your testimony can have on anothers life. We often feel alone because we are not willing to share.

Sharing is one of the Guidelines to being Healed.

I am not afraid. My heart is open. I am Healed.

The Power of our words go along way. Its up to you to change your path

Twitter wants to know what i am doing. I am growing.

I promise your life will be so much better when you realize how blessed you are. My bank account may not be stacked, but my blessings are.

If you ask me, after counting all my blessings, i'm richer than Donald Trump. And i have gifts to bear.