19 August 2009


"I" am the...
unsung, unrecognized, unknown hero
of my own small proud and self-centered world.
Why is it that there is never enough people
who know and appreciate me,
for all I'm worth?

This is so sad -
sadly egoistic!

Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas' names
are sung, recognized, known by billions of sentient beings.
They are famous, worshiped in fact.
And they did not even seek this kind of fame in the first place.
No ego,
No swelling pride.
They are the real heroes -
spiritual heroes who inspire us to be heroes like them.



You are but a mere fragment of my imagination.

Eventually your existence will be questioned like God to an Atheist.

Or My faith in you will be enhanced by rumor filled conversation like

that of a Christians belief in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Either way you're but a fragment.

A dust particle landing in the wrong plane.

That being my thoughts.