13 August 2009

Sustenance and Realization

A small realization is only a seed of awakening sown,
not a flower fully blossomed,
if its lesson is easily forgotten in un-mindfulness.

While you condition yourself to have realizations,
condition yourself too,
to have deep realizations,
or realizations that will deepen,
that can change your life for better - for life;
not just for the spark of the moment.
Rather a blazing realization that sheds much light,
that can clearly shine forth the path out of the darkness,
than sparks that hardly make a steady guiding lamp.

The Buddha's realization lasted for "life" and beyond.
How long did your latest realization affect you?

You'll be surprised...
how simply being mindful from moment to moment
can keep the light of your realization
from flickering or extinguishing.
Be aware, be awake!

With increasingly deep realizations,
be increasingly wakeful, increasingly awake.
And the final realization will not be far!