30 November 2009

Message of The Day

You are experiencing information overload. Clear your mind and put your thoughts in order. In a situation where there has been mental or physical abuse - you need distance and support so that you can gain a new perspective. With distance it is possible to rise above the situation so that you can see the larger pattern, determine some meaning behind it and what actions are necessary. There are times when it is proper to leave others behind, in order to break through relationship patterns that obsess and bind you.

When you feel locked into a difficult set of circumstances - nothing can be accomplished - center yourself and wait. Difficult though your life may be - it will change. Go deep within yourself and seek spiritual guidance. Think carefully now and ask yourself if you have considered everything. Communicate any new ideas or decisions in such an objective way that they can be received and heard. Focus your mind and allow yourself to see the whole picture.

When your balance and peace are disturbed - your passage is no longer serene - your emotions are stirred up and your physical or spiritual journey becomes stormy. Trying to "attack" a long standing problem - especially one that has been accepted by others - only agitates the situation. Unsatisfying or oppressive situations can go quietly along for years until someone decides to do something about it. Trying to remove the swords from the boat will sink it - they are plugging up the holes. When "swords" symbolize unhappy memories where "silence" has become the defense, communication will be painful - but it will also begin the healing process.

Distortions - either too much or too little. Mental retreat. Procrastination. Deterrence from projects at hand. Interference of emotions in mental work. Defensive, neurotic mind.

Questions to Answer: What immediate problems are you attempting to solve? Where will you go to solve them? Where in your life right now is mental clarity important? How are you liberating your mind from clutter and false ideas so that you can think clearly? When you step back from your problem to gain a clear perspective, what do you see?

A Mothers Touch

The things a mother will do for her son, the wonderful, special things that only a mother’s touch can satisfactorily achieve: picking glass out of their hand, wiping a dock leaf over their nettle-stung knee, tweezering out bee stings, wiping chocolate off their face with a spit-dampened tissue, and… wanking them off three times a day?

There is a sickening ass account on a forum called Female First from a mother who religiously tossed off her son in order to “straighten his penis”.

The whole charade reads like the script to a low budget Asian hardcore porn film set in a fictitious town in Alabama, and gets stranger and stranger as it goes on.

Read the mother’s opening post below.

My son is 19 and though I have not seen him nude since he was a boy, I had seen him by accident about 6 months ago, when he had somehow ended up falling asleep naked in his room after a shower with his door wide open. He was on his back and erect in his sleep. I noticed his hard-on had a severe curve upward. It was bent very sharply like curling up backwards. I had never seen anything like that on any man. It is about 7″ long approximately and is bent more toward the tip in a definite shape of a letter “j”, or a hook, to attempt to describe it to you.

I was so shocked that I panicked, and woke him up right then and there. Thinking back, it was not very tactful, but I could not wait to try to get at what appeared to be a real problem. It all made sense, how he would not shower at gym class, and didn’t date, despite being a very well built and handsome boy into sports always. I had always wondered if might be gay, though he denied it always. He awoke surprised and shy that he was naked, but I moved his hands from his erect penis, and asked him what was the matter.

We sat and talked after locking his bedroom door. He told me it had started when he was like 12 and got worse, and as I examined it more closely and attempted to straighten it out, it would straighten only very slightly before it would hurt him to force it any further. It being erect, it was very hard and stiff. We allowed it to subside by him putting on his robe a while, and was considerably more normal in the soft state, yet still tending to be curved upwards slightly.

I could straighten it easily while soft, but it would bend back up like rubber. As he became erect again it curled up before my eyes into the “j” hook shape.

Now the doctors all said he is fine and it’s normal as far as being a medical issue. They said they could operate to attempt to fix it, but the cost was out of my reach. I am a single parent. So we took trying our own methods, in which I would tell him to stroke it straight whenever he thought about it, and while masturbating to attempt to work the curl out a little more each time.

I had taken a little massage therapy classes in the past, and I even work on it for an hour or so 3 days of every week in the evening. It was embarrassing for us both in the beginning and I know it still it is, and even more so that he ejaculates every time during the massage, but it turned out to make massaging it in the post-ejaculation, semi-soft state really effective because then I can massage it and straighten it. It curls back in my hands and I massage it straight over and over again, until he becomes erect again and semi hard again after ejaculation, three times in a row, usually over a span of an hour to an hour and a half.

It has given good results, as I would say he is 50 percent improved. I continue to treat him 3 days a week.

I am here to ask anyone with information on this condition for advice and/or tips technics on how we can further correct this.

He says he does try to train his penis on his own like I tell him to, but he says he ends up just masturbating and it's hard for him to stay on it for any length of time. I am not only trained in massage, but I will devote nearly two hours, three times a week on him, so he may someday be able to live a normal life and date girls. I wont quit after ejaculating once in 10 minutes like he does trying to do it alone. When I massage him I use two hands and work it in a professional tissue massage.

When I do it, his first ejaculation wont happen for maybe 15-20 minutes, since I am massaging him, not masturbating him as he ends up doing on his own when he is trying to be doing what I taught him. On his own he gets bored after the first ejaculation, and does someting else. When I train and massage his penis tissue, I will continue on him after the first cum, and he will produce 3 ejaculations in all every session before we are considered finished. We decided that I will do all the massage, and he doesn't need to worry about trying to massage, and free to enjoy normal masturbation for pleasure.

It's heart breaking to me that he will not date with it in this condition, and I am devoted to helping him all I can. We have become closer than ever in our lives, and are going through this together. In the beginning his penis was like a horseshoe at the tip, and when he would orgasm, it would actually shoot backward, we are in my opinion 50 percent of the way there, and his ejaculations squirt upward not backward at this point. I am hoping with all my heart, that in 6 more months, he will be as close to recovered as to pass off as totaly normal in appearance and performance.

Go ahead and say it. This shit is sick!
But what would make a mother go THIS far?
Comments are strongly desired