29 November 2009

Childhood Memories

Talked to my best friend from Grade School.
Haven't talked in years.
Never stopped being best friends,
we just lost touch.

Use to be four of us that hung out together

out of the four

we are the only two "doing" something.

She and i would be up late hours

listening to each other breathe

sharing our day

talking about what we "wanted to be"

what we didn't want to be.

she is a scorpio as well.

born november the 8th

her life path is 6

we're so similar in so many ways

our strengths

our down falls

she is a great friend.

Shaquerra called me on Thanksgiving to see how i was. The conversation didn't last very long seeing as how we have grown so far apart, but it lasted long enough for her to say, "KJ's mother passed away. She has been looking for you, but no one knew how to get in touch with you."

It felt like my heart stopped beating for a brief moment. She wasn't just KJ's mother, she was mine too. My mother away from home. Whatever i could not say to my mom, i would say to her. She was so easy to talk to, ao caring, heart bigger than the universe. She was everything to a lot of us. She would pick up the phone during KJ and I's conversation and become apart of it lol. KJ wouls get frustrated, but i would be so tickled. She was and still is such a beautiful woman.

The last conversation i had with her was so many years ago but it was a great one. We were wishing each other happy birthday. Since we shared that date. [Even MORE reason why she is so special lol]

She will be missed.
And since i didn't get to tell her thank you and/or goodbye. I decided to do it Today.

Dear Momma Rosalind,
You already know how much you will be missed. You were and still are the greatest thing to a lot of us as we grew to become what we are today. You have touched many hearts by just opening yours and allowing us to feel your warmth and comfort. You were loved, is loved, and will always be loved. Rest in Peace Momma Ros. We will meet again.
Love Iba

It is a shame how many of us talk our life for granted. Constantly complaining yet never stopping to take one minute to give thanks for being allowed to wake and even see another day. So, as i said earlier, Today [as well as every other day] I will breathe for the ancestors, family members, and friends i have lost. They are all beautifull souls rather they are here or not.

Give thanks.